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May 9, 2019

KRS support Graduate Showcase

At KRS, we understand the importance of supporting upcoming industry talent, which is why recently we were excited to have the opportunity to commit to sponsoring Backstage Academy’s 'Graduate Showcase'. The event took place at Production Park, in South Kirkby, on Thursday 16th May and our sponsorship is part of our ongoing partnership with them and other suppliers also located at the site.

Backstage Academy are a privately funded organisation who bridge the gap between industry and education to provide valuable teaching and training in the live events industry. They work closely with leading industry professionals to help fill the skills shortages, as well as producing training programmes in line with specific industry demands.

Sven Knight commented: “We have been working in partnership with Production Park for some years now, and when we heard about the Graduate Showcase that Backstage Academy were producing, we wanted to help support the event.

As an organisation, we place particular focus on supporting projects that help to support the future generation of event professionals”.

Backstage Academy’s annual Graduate Showcase was produced by the Graduating Class of 2019 Students. This year’s event featured 5 projects, presenting a festival of lights, sound and live visuals.

As KRS, we contributed to the supply of equipment and labour to support the event.

The five projects included in the Graduate Showcase were as follows:

  • Diamond Stage - A programme of five emerging artists presented with a fusion of lights, media and automation.
  • The Mood Cube - A vibrant six-minute abstract experience to provoke the audience’s emotions.
  • Reverse in the Round - What would happen if the performers surrounded the audience..?
  • Media Clown - An immersive digital world integrated with a traditional clown performance in homage to the cinema clowns of the silent era; Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin.
  • 360° - Visitors were surrounded by lights, video and sound. An assault on their senses, from all sides.

Sven continued: “We feel extremely privileged as an organisation to be able to provide support to our partners. We wish all the final year students the best of luck in their future careers”.

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