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December 22, 2017
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February 23, 2018

NOEA Award celebrates technological innovation

Why our latest award win is as much a celebration of innovation offstage as on.

When KRS won the Event Supplier of the Year Award at National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) Awards, Susan Tanner, CEO of the NOEA paid us a wonderful compliment:

"Our standards are set high and we support businesses that provide great service and products to clients. KRS showed that they were constantly developing and evolving with advances in technology, and have come up with new and innovative designs wowing thousands across the globe. Therefore they were a very worthy winner for NOEA Supplier of the Year.”

We’re delighted the NOEA has recognised our efforts in innovation. Throughout KRS’ history, we’ve always looked forward, constantly reviewing our processes and exploring the technology and techniques that could help us work smarter.

Keeping track

Yet there’s one key element of that innovation that no headliner will ever notice. No crowd will ever be wowed by it. No TV audience will even be aware of it. But over the last four years, it’s played a growing role in every event we’ve staged.

The uTRAC system is a workforce management tool that enables us to stay in contact with every member of the team, wherever they are, in real time. It’s our crew booking and communication tool, one that helps ensure people are always where they need to be – and on time. It helps us manage shifts and sort invoices. Over the past 12 months we’ve covered thousands of shifts at live events alone, including back to back events that would be logistically nightmarish but for the technological help uTRAC gives us.

We’re never advocates of technology for technology’s sake. But sometimes, as our use of uTRAC demonstrates, it’s harnessing the technology that goes unseen that can make entire events feasible.

So we’ll keep using the best technology, so we can keep delivering even better events.