Scrum down to help sports brand!
June 21, 2017
M&S Shwopping
June 19, 2017
We all love chocolate here at Knight Rigging Services.

So when the chance to work with one of the biggest chocolate brands reared its head (literally) we had to get involved!

Cadbury love to do something a little different when it comes to advertising their brand so for their 2016 Easter campaign they decided to stick three massive eggs in Loch Lomond.

The eggs in question were the height of double-decker buses and had to give the appearance of them floating in the famous Scottish Loch to give the appearance of “Nessie”.

A stunt like this has to start somewhere, and this was no different. From initial concept, a mock-up was created using a slightly smaller egg. Three Cadbury Crème Eggs, three jam rings, and a few lollipop sticks were used to fashion the flotation device.

Creating the giant eggs was one thing, but the client also wanted the eggs to gradually appear out of the Loch to recreate the mysterious sightings of the mythical monster.

A dive team was brought in to help position the partly submerged, oval-shaped creations on a floating barge.

The final result was a fantastic and, as always, a real team effort. An awesome feat of engineering.

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